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We work with all types of credit history: good credit, bad credit, no credit. Get pre-approved & lock in your rate.

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Get pre-approved & take control of the car buying process

Even if you’re still only dreaming about buying a Honda, getting pre-approved for financing is the absolute best first step you can take. Having a bank’s approval in hand gives you the full negotiating power of a cash buyer. You’ll save time a ton of time at the dealership, too.

Know your price range

When you get pre-approved, you’ll know precisely what you can afford to pay every month based on your other bills and commitments. It’s the best way to get peace of mind with your purchase.

Bad credit? No problem

No one gets turned away. Once you’re pre-approved, you’re guaranteed a car loan — whether you have bad credit, or are a 1st time buyer with no credit history at all. We help make dreams come true every day!

Speed it up. Way up.

Hate waiting? Nothing streamlines the car buying experience like a loan pre-approval. You’ll shave off 1+ hours at the dealership because you were proactive and took care of the financial details ahead of time.

Take the stress out of buying

When you know exactly what you can afford, buying a vehicle is a totally stress-free transaction. You can easily disqualify cars that don’t fit your budget picture ... and focus on finding an affordable car you’ll love.

Get your rate ASAP

Don’t have a pre-approval? Then you don’t know your loan rate ... or your monthly payments. Apply now! We’ll tell you right away what rates you qualify for so you’ll know your monthly payment.

Special leasing programs, too

We offer a variety of leasing options on all our Hondas. Have your eye on a particular car, truck, or SUV? Chances are good there’s a special leasing program that fits perfectly into your monthly budget.

Frequently asked questions

I’ve been turned down for car loans in the past. Can you help?

Absolutely! We’ve built relationships with multiple lenders, many of whom have special financing programs for people with low credit, no credit, or bad credit. No one gets turned down at Honda of Milford.

How long will it take to get approved?

No time at all. You can fill out our easy online application in just a couple of minutes. After you submit it, you can expect a loan offer right away — in most cases, the same day.

I’ve never applied for credit before. Is that okay?

Yes, that’s perfectly fine. Honda of Milford works with first-time buyers, students, and people with all types of immigration status. Even if you have no credit history at all, we’ll do everything we can to find you a great rate so you can get behind the wheel of your dream car ASAP.

I’m thinking about leasing. Can you help get me a low monthly payment?

Yes, we can. Our finance experts are skilled at finding the best possible lease deals available for virtually every possible financial scenario. We’ll work with you — whether or not you have a trade-in or cash down payment. Special lease programs for Uber and Lyft drivers, too.

If I qualify for a bad credit loan, won’t my monthly payments be really high?

Not necessarily. At Honda of Milford, we work with so many lenders — and we have so many different new and used cars, trucks & SUVs at various price ranges — that you’ll be able to easily find something you love. With a monthly payment you can feel good about.