To Our Customers regarding COVID-19


At Honda of Milford, our goal is to keep our customers and employees safe. It is our commitment and responsibility to provide for you a safe and healthy environment while simultaneously maintaining the highest level of service. To do so, we have implemented processes and procedures to facilitate car buying and servicing while limiting person-to-person contact. 


Sharing Information

We continue to share information with our customers and employees on the best ways to keep themselves and their families safe and healthy. Any employee who feels unwell should not come to work and should immediately see a health care professional. Upon a note of clearance from a physician, the employee will be eligible to return to work. Below is a link to important information regarding preventative measures: 




 Keeping Our Stores Clean and Safe

We've always been proud of the cleanliness of our showrooms and we know that keeping them clean and sanitized is even more important now. In addition to our normal daily cleaning efforts, we have asked our janitorial service to provide additional cleaning measures on a nightly basis, including disinfecting surfaces in high traffic areas like restrooms and associate breakrooms. Showroom phones, keyboards, door handles, stair railings, desks, etc. are being disinfected throughout the day and on a nightly basis. Service staffs have been instructed to cover steering wheels and seats with protective plastic and to wear gloves at all times. Hand sanitizing stations and disinfecting wipes are available in every showroom and department as well as adjacent to all entryways/exits throughout the property.

Addressing Your Sales & Service Needs


We continue to explore and offer more ways for you to get the products and services you need most:

-Online car buying - find your vehicle on our website and contact our sales staff.

-Pick-up and delivery for sales and service within a 25-mile radius. (CT ONLY)

Whether you need online buying, quick delivery options or home pickup/drop off for your vehicle sales and service needs, we are here for you! If you should have additional needs or concerns, we are here to support you and offer the flexibility required to serve you the best. Just ask...we're here to meet your needs any way possible!

Most important to our values is the welfare and safety of our customers, employees and associates without yielding to fear and rumors.